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Internet data leakage
protection solutions

Securedisk is an enterprise-wide file security solution that
stores and manages all data in a central file server.
Internal data leakage is prevented fundamentally by
banning the storage of data in office PCs.

  • Guaranteed internal data leakage protection system

    Data leakage is prevented fundamentally either on purpose or
    by mistake because no business data ever exists in office PCs.
    Changed security policy can be applied immediately.
    Analysis on various policy violation logs raises user's security
    awareness to a higher level.

  • Achieve centralized data integration management

    Prevention of data loss from the change of administrator and business
    continuity is guaranteed by the management and integration of internal
    data in a central server. Due to the unified control point system, costs
    for systematic management and data integration security are reduced.

  • Improve work efficiency

    Establishment of secure work environment does not cause discomfort
    at all as user interface is identical to your own PC environment.
    Provision of various collaboration tools in a thorough security makes
    users conduct business more easily. Full security is provided in and
    out of the office for internal usage and a business trip.

  • Save Investment cost

    Significant initial H/W investment cost savings and prevention of
    performance degradation is possible due to the system architecture,
    which use existing PC resources.