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Title ALZip v8.51 is released
Date 2011-11-08 Hit 12704
November 9, 2011- ESTsoft is pleased to announce the new release of the official version of ALZip 8.51.

Go to ALZip page for more details. http://www.altools.com/altools/alzip.aspx

[ALZip v8.51]

- Added: Support for deflate64 and PPMD algorithm
- Added: Support for 7zip LZMA2 algorithm
- Added: "Open folder after extraction" option added in Extraction window
- Added: Drag & Drop function on left explorer
- Changed: "Open folder after extraction" and "Create filename folder under selected folder" options to be set as default
- Changed: CD Image formats (iso, lcd, bin, nrg, img) not to be associated when ALZip is installed
- Changed: Span Archive size and species
- Changed: File not to be opened when adding by dragging open XML type files (docx and xlsx)
- Changed: Default path in Extract window has changed to "My Documents" when extracting file on temporary path
- Fixed: "Open Folder" option in Compression Complete window after adding files by dragging to an existing archive
- Fixed: "Task to Run After Extraction" option in ALZip Self-Extractor
- Fixed: Security issues in certain compressed archives
- Fixed: File not opening when "part" is used as a split RAR archive name
- Fixed: File not extracting to the path entered in Extract window
- Fixed: "Delete Extracted Files after Running" option in Create ALZip Self-Extractor window not activating
- Fixed: "Task to Run After Extraction" option in Create ALZip Self-Extractor window not working
- Fixed: Error when Set ALZip as Default Program window is moved
- Fixed: Error when opening split .ALZ SFX file
- Improved: Open up speed for file archive
- Updated: bzip2 library (1.0.6)
- EGG Format: Fixed errors and improved performance of EGG format

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ALTools are friendly PC utilities and multimedia programs that include ALZip, a cute compression utility; ALPlayer, a DVD and movie player; ALSong, an MP3 live music lyrics player; ALSee, a picture viewer and photo editor; ALPass, a secure web login and password manager; ALToolbar, a friendly web surfing helper; and ALFTP, a FTP client/server.

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