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Emotional Since its inception in 1993, ESTsoft has been acknowledged as an inno-vation leader in software industry.
ESTsoft pours every bit of effort to enhance the life quality through software innovation.

Science Providing essential software products as in ALTools and InternetDISK, we are very responsive to meet custom needs.
More than 90% of the PC users in Korea are using our product,
ALToos. groups of our business software product, InternetDISK.
CABAL Online, an MMORPG, have gained excellent reputations in the US, Europe and Asia as well as in Korea.

Technology For our global presence, we're currenty working on ESTsoft America After establishment of ESTsoft Japan in 2007.
ESTsoft was enlisted. in KOSDAQ on July, 2008.

Name ESTsoft Corp. CEO Chung, Sang Won
Incorporated Oct. 2, 1993 Paid in capital 2,474,850,000 KRW (Dec. 2012)
Employees 370 (Dec. 2012) Phone/Fax +82-2-583-4620 / FAX +82-2-583-4628
Address Banpo-daero 3, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea (06711)