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Old Product

  • ALMap - Digital Map Program

    For finding your way around the Republic of Korea, there is no better map than ALMap. With desktop, palmtop, and GPS navigation enabled versions, ALMap lets you quickly and easily find where you want to go.

  • ALGIF - GIF Animation Utility

    The ALGIF GIF animator helps web designers create eye-catching images for the web that engage visitors and increase interest.

  • Image Chart

    Image Chart was a medical imaging program for doctors and medical professionals to store images and information about patients on their local computers. It was designed for individual doctors and small clinics, as opposed to large PACS viewer systems that target hospitals and large medical organizations.

  • Visual POS

    Visual POS was a Point Of Sales harware and software solution for retail. It included terminals and bar code readers as well as servers for centralized storage of product information and transaction records.

  • Sudacraft

    Sudacraft was a web based chat solution that could be installed on a server to chat-enable a web site.

  • iMan plus

    Although iMan is still used by KTH, Paran and Megapass, it has since been discontinued. This client based instant messaging program allowed ISPs, companies, and web sites to offer chatting to users and customers.

  • 21C Wordprocessor

    The first program released from ESTsoft, this word processor entered the market with a major competitor that was very expensive at the time. 21C Wordprocessor gained significant popularity in Korea.

  • DV Works

    DV Works was a video editing program with a built in MPEG-4 encoder.

  • Hanme Typing Teacher

    The Hanme Typing Teacher was the most popular typing tutor in Korea. In typing competitions, the top typists achieved incredible rates in the high hundreds of characters per minute.

  • Sori Bom

    Sori Bom was a Text-To-Speech engine for the visually impaired.


    Bravo combined 21C Wordprocessor and Sori Bom into a specialized word

  • Password Bank

    Password Bank is the precursor to ALPass. This basic password and login manager supported versions of Internet Explorer prior to IE 5.0. Password Bank did not support automated form filling.

  • Last Laibers

    This Strategy Role Playing game became very popular in Korea.

  • SoundPro

    SoundPro was a 3D audio editor and was developed in conjunction with Emersys, a 3D audio company.