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Online Web Storage Solutions

InternetDisk lets users access a virtual hard disk over the
Internet in a way that makes it almost indistinguishable from
a local hard drive. With more capacity than floppy disks or
CD-ROMs, and higher data safety, internet disk is the most
convenient way to access your files from any Internet
connected PC in the world. To view a live demo of InternetDisk
in English visit engdemo. InternetDisk.com(opens in a new window).
For more information in Korean, please visit InternetDisk.com.

  • InternetDisk solutions provide users with easy and safe access to their
    private files. Password and anti-virus protection keeps data safe from both
    unauthorized access and malicious viruses. Combined with technology
    from KT, InternetDisk service delivers reliability and convenience that is
    unmatched in the web storage market.

  • For university administrators, professors, and students, the InternetDisk
    Solution provides a convenient way to post and access class materials,
    reports, shared project documents, and class assignments.
    Private companies and other organizations can also equip their users with
    storage that they can access wherever they may be or share with customers
    or organization members.

  • The InternetDisk Services and Solutions currently enable people at
    educational organizations, public institutions, private companies, in
    government, and millions of private users to store, send, download and
    share millions of gigabytes of files.