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Explore the world of Ektensia!

CABAL Ⅱ is the sequel of CABAL Online which 28 million
accumulated worldwide players are now enjoying. With
high quality graphics using Cryengine3, CABAL II inherited
strengths and scenario from CABAL Online with more dramatic
elements. CABAL II is a great action MMORPG, which was
first launched in 2012 and developed for over a five-year period
and more than 20 Mil USD. 상세정보 보기

  • Feature

    CABAL II players will be absorbed in the game for its distinctive visual style of hand–drawn illustration based
    on Cryengine3. CABAL Ⅱ is full of intriguing quests, abundant solo adventures and exciting group missions.
    With the unique PvE and PvP systems, CABAL II boasts well-constructed combat style, unique open world
    dungeons, and an engaging story that will give players the MMO experience that they've been craving for.

  • Synopsis

    As an ancient continent Ektensia was found, that once the most powerful and abundant empire was located
    on,the desire of wealth and power is clashing among the people. Northwest Cartel is solidifying its position as
    a leader through a rapid reclamation, though a new comer, South Cartel has its eyes on the next leader.
    The bloody battle to claim the treasure of ancient empire has begun. Explore the world of Ektensia in the role
    of a mercenary and participate in a number of different dungeons and battlefields. What are you waiting for?

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